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Visitor trklein
Registered: ‎11-13-2013

Spartan-3E Dev-Brd Flash Programming Failure during Verification in iMPACT

I received another of the Spartan-3E development board from Xilinx today, and we are using it as a development platform between several locations for different parts of the design stage. The other sites are using them in a plug-n-play mode, which means that I'm giving them a *.mcs file to upload and they see how it behaves with the rest of the real system. This is the first board that I've had programming troubles with. The program hasn't changed, and I know it is functional on at least two (2) other identical boards. When I load iMPACT, I initialize the chain through the Boundary Scan and then I go to program the Flash (xcf04s) with my *.mcs file. Here is what I get from iMPACT: PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation. Maximum TCK operating frequency for this device chain: 10000000. Validating chain... Boundary-scan chain validated successfully. '2': Erasing device... '2': Erasure completed successfully. '2': Programming device... done. '2': Putting device in ISP mode...done. '2': Putting device in ISP mode...done. '2': Verifying device...Failed at address, 192 '2': Verification Terminated '2': Programming of user selected options failed. PROGRESS_END - End Operation. Elapsed time = 10 sec. The problem is that the "Failed at address" is constantly changing between the different failures. Also, a work-around seems to be to flip the board's power switch, wait 5 or so seconds, flip it back on, then initialize the chain and reprogram. Basically, it only works on the first attempt. If you let the system sit for a while and then try to reprogram, you get the same error. When the program does complete successfully, then I either cycle the power via the board's switch or the PROG button and the program executes. Thoughts on why this is occurring and how I can make this process more stable (no errors on loading)? Should I be looking to get a replacement as I haven't had the board for more than 12h at this point? Thank you, -Tim
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