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Registered: ‎06-23-2014

XPS Project Files MISSING?

In XPS 14.7, I'm trying to recreate from scratch a reference design originated in XPS 12.4.  I've got almost everything worked out, except I'm concerned I may be missing some files.  Please see the two images below.  Do I need to resolve this?  And if so, how do I do it, please?  (I've edited the images for brevity, then highlighted in yellow my points of question)


Note that the XPS 14.7 design is a submodule of a Top level Project Navigator project.  Is it perhaps the case that all the yellow items highlighted in the XPS 12.4 reference design will end up being taken care of in Project Navigator with Top?


I can image this being the case for the latter 3 items.  But what's the MSS file?  It seems like a bunch of driver info and something microblaze is going to need at this level...


From the original XPS 12.4 design:

Microblaze Filest Forum Post (XPS 12.4).jpg


From my recreated XPS 14.7 design:

Microblaze Files Missing Forum Post (XPS 14.7).jpg



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