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Registered: ‎04-18-2019

Vivado HLS demo yuv_filter makefile error



I am currently doing a demo HLS lab project provided by xilinx. This is the second lab in which explains on increasing the performence. 

The first thing to do is to use 'make' command and i started off with an error and i am unable to understand it since the object file linked to that is unreaded via notepad++.

Below is the error

which: no vivado_hls.bat in (/d/xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/bin:/c/Program Files/Python37/Scripts:/c/Program Files/Python37:/c/Program Files (x86)/Razer Chroma SDK/bin:/c/Program Files/Razer Chroma SDK/bin:/c/Program Files (x86)/Intel/iCLS Client:/c/Program Files/Intel/iCLS Client:/c/Windows/system32:/c/Windows:/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/c/Windows/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/c/Program Files (x86)/NVIDIA Corporation/PhysX/Common:/c/Program Files (x86)/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/DAL:/c/Program Files/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/DAL:/c/Program Files (x86)/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/IPT:/c/Program Files/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/IPT:/c/WINDOWS/system32:/c/WINDOWS:/c/WINDOWS/System32/Wbem:/c/WINDOWS/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0:/c/WINDOWS/System32/OpenSSH:/c/WINDOWS/system32/config/systemprofile/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps:/c/Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation/NVIDIA NvDLISR:/d/iverilog/gtkwave/bin:/c/Users/Bharanidharan/zybo:/c/Users/Bharanidharan/zybo/projects/Led_tutorial/Led_tutorial.sdk:/d/xilinx:/d/python37/Scripts:/d/python37:/c/Users/Bharanidharan/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps:/c/intelFPGA_lite/18.1/modelsim_ase/win32aloem:/c/Users/Bharanidharan/zybo:/c/Users/Bharanidharan/zybo/projects/Led_tutorial/Led_tutorial.sdk:/d/xilinx:/d/PyCharm Edu 2018.3/bin:/usr/bin:/mingw64/bin)
gcc -ggdb -w -I/include   -c -o yuv_filter.o yuv_filter.c
gcc -lm   yuv_filter.o yuv_filter_test.o image_aux.o   -o yuv_filter
D:/xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/msys64/mingw64/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-w64-mingw32/6.2.0/../../../../x86_64-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: i386 architecture of input file `yuv_filter_test.o' is incompatible with i386:x86-64 output
D:/xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/msys64/mingw64/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-w64-mingw32/6.2.0/../../../../x86_64-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: i386 architecture of input file `image_aux.o' is incompatible with i386:x86-64 output
yuv_filter_test.o: In function `main':
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:5: undefined reference to `___main'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:8: undefined reference to `_malloc'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:9: undefined reference to `_malloc'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:16: undefined reference to `_yuv_filter'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:22: undefined reference to `_system'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:25: undefined reference to `_printf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/yuv_filter_test.c:28: undefined reference to `_printf'
image_aux.o: In function `image_read':
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:12: undefined reference to `_fopen'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:14: undefined reference to `_fscanf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:16: undefined reference to `_fscanf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:23: undefined reference to `_fscanf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:25: undefined reference to `_fscanf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:27: undefined reference to `_fscanf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:31: undefined reference to `_fclose'
image_aux.o: In function `image_write':
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:44: undefined reference to `_fopen'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:47: undefined reference to `_fprintf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:50: undefined reference to `_fprintf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:56: undefined reference to `_fprintf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:58: undefined reference to `_fprintf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:60: undefined reference to `_fprintf'
c:\xup\hls\labs\lab2/image_aux.c:63: undefined reference to `_fclose'
D:/xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/msys64/mingw64/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-w64-mingw32/6.2.0/../../../../x86_64-w64-mingw32/lib/../lib/libmingw32.a(lib64_libmingw32_a-crt0_c.o): In function `main':
C:/repo/mingw-w64-crt-git/src/mingw-w64/mingw-w64-crt/crt/crt0_c.c:18: undefined reference to `WinMain'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
<builtin>: recipe for target 'yuv_filter' failed
make: *** [yuv_filter] Error 1


and the object file is like this .Please help me resolve this. 

     j  $      .text           €    ¤           P`.data                               @ PÀ.bss                                € PÀ.xdata          0   œ
              @ 0@.pdata          0   Ì
  ž         @ 0@.rdata          @   ü
              @ P@/4              P  <           @ B/16             "  Œ              @ B/30             0   ®  ü         @ B/45             Ñ  Þ           @ B/57             
   ¯              @ B/68             0   ¼              @ P@/79             ¸   ì           @ @BUH‰åHƒìPH‰MH‰UD‰ÁD‰Ê‹E0ˆM ˆU(ˆEì¹€p è    H‰Eø¹€p è    H‰EðH‹EøH‰ÂH‹Mè9   ¶MìD¶M(D¶E H‹UðH‹Eø‰L$ H‰Áèõ  H‹UH‹EðH‰Áè‘  HƒÄP]ÃUH‰åHƒìH‰MH‰UH‹E·€ €p f‰EúH‹E·€€p f‰EøH‹E·Uúf‰ €p H‹E·Uøf‰€p fÇEþ  é  fÇEü  éú  ·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHȶ ˆE÷·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% ¶ ˆEö·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K ¶ ˆEõ·    ¿Ð¶E÷¯Ð·   ¿È¶Eö¯Á·   ¿Ð¶Eõ¯Âȃè€ÁøƒÀˆEô·   ¿Ð¶E÷¯Ð·   ¿È¶Eö¯Á·
   ¿Ð¶Eõ¯Âȃè€ÁøƒÀ€ˆEó·   ¿Ð¶E÷¯Ð·   ¿È¶Eö¯Á·   ¿Ð¶Eõ¯Âȃè€ÁøƒÀ€ˆEò·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀH¶Eôˆ·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% ¶Eóˆ·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K ¶Eòˆ·EüƒÀf‰Eü·Eüf;Eø‚øýÿÿ·EþƒÀf‰Eþ·Eþf;Eú‚ÔýÿÿHƒÄ]ÃUH‰åHƒì H‰MH‰UH‹E·€ €p f‰EúH‹E·€€p f‰EøH‹E·Uúf‰ €p H‹E·Uøf‰€p fÇEþ  éè  fÇEü  éÄ  ·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHȶ ˆE÷·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% ¶ ˆEö·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K ¶ ˆEõ¶E÷ƒèf‰Eò¶EöƒÀ€f‰Eð¶EõƒÀ€f‰Eî·    ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·$   ¿È¿Eî¯ÁЃè€Áø=ÿ   6·    ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·$   ¿È¿Eî¯ÁЃè€Áøº    …ÀHÂë¸ÿÿÿÿˆEí·&   ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·(   ¿È¿Eð¯Á·*   ¿Ð¿Eî¯Âȃè€Áø=ÿ   J·&   ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·(   ¿È¿Eð¯Á·*   ¿Ð¿Eî¯Âȃè€Áøº    …ÀHÂë¸ÿÿÿÿˆEì·,   ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·.   ¿È¿Eð¯ÁЃè€Áø=ÿ   6·,   ¿Ð¿Eò¯Ð·.   ¿È¿Eð¯ÁЃè€Áøº    …ÀHÂë¸ÿÿÿÿˆEë·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀH¶E툷Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% ¶E숷Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K ¶E눷EüƒÀf‰Eü·Eüf;Eø‚.ýÿÿ·EþƒÀf‰Eþ·Eþf;Eú‚
ýÿÿHƒÄ ]ÃUH‰åHƒì0H‰MH‰UD‰ÁD‰Ê‹E0ˆM ˆU(ˆEÜH‹E·€ €p f‰EúH‹E·€€p f‰EøH‹E·Uúf‰ €p H‹E·Uøf‰€p fÇEþ  é‘  fÇEü  ém  ·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHȶ ˆE÷·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% ¶ ˆEö·Eþ·UüL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K ¶ ˆEõ¶U÷¶E ¯ÂÁøf‰Eò¶Uö¶E(¯ÂÁøf‰Eð¶Uõ¶EܯÂÁøf‰Eî·Eþ·Uü·MòA‰ÉL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈDˆ·Eþ·Uü·MðA‰ÉL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH €% Dˆ·Eþ·Uü·MîA‰ÉL‹EHcÊHcÐH‰ÐHÁàHÐHÁàLÀHÈH  K Dˆ·EüƒÀf‰Eü·Eüf;Eø‚…þÿÿ·EþƒÀf‰Eþ·Eþf;Eú‚aþÿÿHƒÄ0]А’P  P  2P  RP      ‡       ‡          e     e  t  $   B   Úÿ¶ÿp z ¢ÿîÿ              *  ™*œÿ0ÿ*                L       GNU C11 6.2.0 -mtune=generic -march=x86-64 -ggdb yuv_filter.c D:\xilinx_universityporgram\HLS\labs\lab2         t          rgb2yuv_coef_t ¤   ‰   short int yuv2rgb_coef_t ¤   ±   yuv_intrnl_t ¤   yuv_scale_t ó   unsigned char image_pix_t ó   image_dim_t 
*  short unsigned int  €p v  ch1 v   ch2 v   €% ch3 v    K    Ž  	Ž  	Ž  ÿ sizetype channel_t @  €p æ  channels š   
     €p  image_t «  yuv_scale ne            œ!  in o!  ‘ out p!  ‘Y_scale qà   ‘U_scale rà   ‘V_scale sà   ‘L
x v  ‘n
y v  ‘l    w  ‘j   w  ‘h
Y x  ‘g
U x  ‘f
V x  ‘e
Yn yÌ   ‘b
Un yÌ   ‘`
Vn yÌ   ‘^YUV_SCALE_LOOP_X €Ã      YUV_SCALE_LOOP_Y ƒÎ       æ  yuv2rgb C      T      œN  in D!  ‘ out E!  ‘
x H  ‘n
y H  ‘l    I  ‘j   I  ‘h
R J  ‘]
G J  ‘\
B J  ‘[
Y K  ‘g
U K  ‘f
V K  ‘e
C LÌ   ‘b
D LÌ   ‘`
E LÌ   ‘^
Wyuv Md  	        YUV2RGB_LOOP_X X]      YUV2RGB_LOOP_Y [h       Ç   d  Ž  Ž   N  rgb2yuv ‡       Š      œl  in !  ‘ out !  ‘
x "  ‘n
y "  ‘l    #  ‘j   #  ‘h
R $  ‘g
G $  ‘f
B $  ‘e
Y $  ‘d
U $  ‘c
V $  ‘b
Wrgb %‚  	        RGB2YUV_LOOP_X 0Ó       RGB2YUV_LOOP_Y 3Þ        Ÿ   ‚  Ž  Ž   l  yuv_filter         ‡       œ3  in !  ‘ out !  ‘Y_scale à   ‘U_scale à   ‘V_scale 	à   ‘\
yuv !  ‘hmalloc  3  "  5   
scale !  ‘` long long unsigned int  %   :;I  & I  $ >  :;  
 :;I8  I  	! I/  

 :;I8  .?:;'@—B   :;I  
4 :;I  4 :;I  
 :;   I  ! I/  .?:;'@–B  .?:;'I<   I      ,                     t                      Í   P   û
       yuv_filter.c    yuv_filter.h    image_aux.h    <built-in>      	        
òåååç¯ ® , 2 2 D D D - 3 v3 ¬ Ó ¬Özòååå篮,22­­­ 1 6 X = E J X = 1 6 X = - 3 s3 ¬ Ó ¬Ö	t"åååç¯ ® , 2 2 ! ! ! 0 6 v6 ¬ Ó ¬Ö width height GCC: (Rev2, Built by MSYS2 project) 6.2.0          ÿÿÿÿ x        $               ‡       A†C
‚Æ  $       ‡       Š      A†C
…Æ $             T      A†C
OÆ $       e            A†C

Æ (   #    6   #    |            ¡      À      Ñ      å                  )      '      8      X      i      –      §      »      Û      ì             -      >      ^      o          	       	              	       	              	       	            $   	    (   	    ,              u   	    …       È      ×        	    ‚            ü  	      	    2  	    |      Š            +  	    E  	    t  	    ¾      Ì      /      I  	    c  	    •  	              	    ]   	       !        	    D   !    H   	    l   !    p   	    ”   !    ˜   	    .file       þÿ  gyuv_filter.c          \                            rgb2yuv ‡           g           yuv2rgb           q               {   e      .text          t               .data                            .bss                             .xdata         0                 .pdata         0                .rdata         2                     …          P                   ‘          "                    Ÿ       	   0                    ®       
   Ñ                   º          
                     Å          *                     Ð       
   ¸                malloc           Ý   .debug_info .debug_abbrev .debug_aranges .debug_line .debug_str .rdata$zzz .debug_frame yuv_filter Wrgb.1819 Wyuv.1845 yuv_scale .debug_info .debug_abbrev .debug_aranges .debug_line .debug_str .rdata$zzz .debug_frame 
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-05-2018

Re: Vivado HLS demo yuv_filter makefile error

Hey @bharanidharan ,

So the first line "which: no vivado_hls.bat in (/d/xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/bin..." is telling you that it's looking for a file called vivado_hls.bat in D:\Xilinx\Vivado\2018.3\bin, and it can't find it.

Can you check manually if that file exists, using your operating systems file browser or command line? If it's not there, that might indicate a bad install. If that file does exist, I would guess that administrator permissions or maybe antivirus software isn't letting you run .bat files.

Can you check on that?

Nicholas Moellers

Xilinx Worldwide Technical Support
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