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Registered: ‎04-14-2008

Commands fail when ran from within a proc

I have an IP Packager script in which I add and configure a bunch of files in the following manner

ipx::add_file <some/file> [ipx::get_file_groups <some/group> -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]
set_property library_name <some/lib> [ipx::get_files <some/file> -of_objects [ipx::get_file_groups <some/group> -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]

which I want to simplify to reduce the footprint of all this boilerplate code so it's easier to maintain. To do that, I created a function that take the file name as the first argument and keyword arguments with the required arguments (some of them are optional), so I could do

# Setup with all args
add_and_setup <some/file> -library <some/library> -group <some/group>
# Setup without specifying the library for example
add_and_setup <some/file> -group <some/group>

The function body is as follows:

proc add_and_setup { args } {
  # filename is the first and mandatory arg. Grab the value and remove it from
  # the list
  set filename [ lindex $args 0 ]
  array set kwargs [lreplace $args 0 0]

  set file [ ipx::add_file $filename [ ipx::get_file_groups $kwargs(-group) -of_objects [ipx::current_core] ] ]

  if { [ info exists kwargs(-library) ] } {
    set_property library_name $kwargs(-library) $file
  if { [ info exists kwargs(-type) ] } {
    set_property type $kwargs(-type) $file



When I call in the original way, everything works. When I call using the function, I get the following error while running the ipx::add_file command:

ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Multiple '-file_group' values are not supported

From the log, Vivado shows that $kwargs(-group) is empty (it's not), so instead of calling ipx::get_file_groups with the <group/name> as argument, it's called without any, which seems to return all groups.

Any ideas of what might be wrong??

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