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Variables in regexp expressions

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Variables in regexp expressions

I was trying to construct a regexp expression from a variable. I turned out to be challenging to include parenthesis and a variable in the regexp expression.


I figured that:


filter -regexp -nocase $list_of_objects PROPERTY\ =~\ "(.*:)?${name}(:.*)?"


works, but 


filter -regexp -nocase $list_of_objects [list PROPERTY =~ "(.*:)?${name}(:.*)?"]


does not. Can anyone explain to me why exactly this behaves differently?

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Re: Variables in regexp expressions

Do not know fundamentally, but from practise know that in the first example the quotes are just literal characters.   In the second one, the quotes denote a string.   Difference can be seen:


set name ABC 
puts PROPERTY\ =~\ "(.*:)?${name}(:.*)?"
puts [list PROPERTY =~ "(.*:)?${name}(:.*)?"]

The filter commands wants to see a string with quotes inside it.   Adding quotes might be ugly:


puts [join [list PROPERTY =~ "\"(.*:)?${name}(:.*)?\""] { } ]


Sometimes to avoid quote/escape hell, something like this works:

set prop {PROPERTY =~ "(.*:)?%NAME%(:.*)?"}
regsub %NAME% $prop $name prop
puts $prop


 But your first example is pretty compact and to the point..



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Re: Variables in regexp expressions

Actually, "format" might be easier.  Works like printf.


puts [format {PROPERTY =~ "(.*:)?%s(:.*)?"} $name]