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Newbie durandjp
Registered: ‎11-28-2015

Help with XADC Usage



Beginner FPGA user here! For a class project, my team and I are basically recreating a teachable IR remote (TV, VCR, etc.) with a time delay on it, based on the Basys3 board.


I have an IR sensor that changes the voltage of its output pin, and that is my IR signal. My problem is, I need to convert this analog voltage change to a digital signal to be stored by my circuit. My problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the XADC.


I understand that the XADC should give me a digital bundle indicating the voltage value, and if I can get that I'm sure I can get that down to a 1-bit signal with a threshold voltage. My problem is understanding the XADC inputs and outputs. After reading the documentation and looking at the example in verilog (which I am not familiar with), I have a XADC aux channel that works with the complex verilog example, but I'm not sure how to make this work in my simple vhdl design. One issue I'm having is assigning the "vp_in" and "vn_in" inputs. The documentation says that these are a "dedicated analog pair," but why do I need it if all I need to access is the pmod channel?


So, can anyone give me some guidance / link me to some guidance to create a simple xadc that will give me the voltage of this channel, with as little frill (alarms, controls, etc.) as possible?


Here is a link to the XADC Wizard Documentation: 



Thank you,


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Re: Help with XADC Usage



Did your understanding on XADC clear and is issue resolved?

I can provide you simple desing if required.




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