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Registered: ‎03-03-2014

Initialising the XR16L788 Octal UART chip from my Virtex5 based custom FPGA board

Hello all,


I have been trying to initialise the Octal UART chip from Exar, XR16L788, from a simple verilog module to write and read to/fro a COM port in the PC (HyperTerminal) without success. I am not sure if my configuration information is sufficient enough for the UART chip.


I have used a state machine to set the MCR[7] bit high for making the pre select to select my desired baud rate of 115200. I next set the LCR[7] bit high to write the baud rate generator's division latch values, set the DLM in the next state, the DLL in the next and again reseting LCR[7] to enable RHR and THR in the next state. Now, I try to check if the LSR has the RHR data ready flag set (LSR[0] high) and I read from the RHR and based on what is input, I will output a particular set of values checking for the LHR empty flag in LSR (LSR[5] high) each time. Now, this I do as I have the FIFO disabled.


Doesn't this initialising cover initialising the Octal UART for simple applications without interrupts or am I missing something here?


I have used an Oscilloscope to check if my data is entering the chip properly as well. I am sending the configuration data in the frequency on which this particular UART chip runs (14.7MHz). Nothing seems to work. I will attach the state machine code for this here as well.


It would be really helpful to hear expert suggestions on this issue. I am really stuck here.




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