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Registered: ‎03-25-2009

LWIP PHY initialisation sequence Warning

When run on a Zybo the SDK 2106.3 LWIP implementation emits "WARNING: Not a Marvell or TI Ethernet PHY. Please verify the initialisation sequence". 


My narrow question is can anyone advise the outcome of the verification exercise.  The obvious searches don't provide an answer.


More generally, what are the issues to be checked, are there any known issues with the Realtek RTL8211-VL / Zybo / LWIP combination and is there a patched version of LWIP for the Zybo ?


FWIW the 2016.3 SDK version of LWIP seems OK : burbling out some UDP traffic and responding to ping.



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Registered: ‎12-22-2016

I got a Micrel instead of Marvell or TI and get the same warning. You can easily search it in the codes. In my case, the auto negotiation fails at the PHY and a link is not set up. With SDK, in the "Board Support Package Settings" for lwIP, it is possible to change auto negotiation to fixed speed. I did that and fixed the speed also on the other side of the link. Then a link is set up and the example echo server worked, though with some kind of delays. Ping timeout sometimes.

You could also do a search for Micrel and lwIP and find a lot of clues to your question.

One such is at


Good luck.


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