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Visitor tdalgaty
Registered: ‎06-05-2015

Load rootfs partition upon boot - ZYNQ-7000 zc702

I have an SD card with two partitions. The FAT32 partition (boot) contians boot.bin and the image.ub files. The root partition contains the root file system I've extracted - linaro-ubuntu-desktop. The boot.bin was created in Vivado SDK and I built the image using the petalinux SDK.


When I insert the SD card and setup SD boot (00110) (I have a serial terminal attached) it boots successfully and then I log in as root. However, when I have a look around the filesystem it just appears to be the one that is created by default and there's no sign of the filesystem that I've extracted to the root partition.


How can I get the system to load the rootfs - the root partition when I boot the zynq from the SD card? I have a fedora box I can build images on using the petalinux SDK, is there something I can do on that?

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