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Registered: ‎12-10-2015

USB OTG With Zybo Board



    I am a bit new with the Zybo board. I have to realize communication between a PC and the Zybo board thorugh the USB OTG.

    I am using Vivado 2014.4 in a Windows7 7 64-bit operating system , after I made a simple design in Vivado and exported it into SDK, I found the USB_bsp_xusbps_intr_example_1 which I managed to put it on the board and it creates a USB mass storage device with the capacity of 1 MB in which I succesfully stored some kb of data.

   I tried to understand the code in this example and tried to modify it, so far I could not do that.

   My questions are :

  1) Does the data I store go into the DDR memory ?

  2) Is it posibile for me to modify this example in order to increase the storage capacity of the usb device ? 

  3) Once some data is stored on the Zybo board , how can I acces it ?


Thank you for your time,






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