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Visitor jmcano
Registered: ‎06-05-2013

XADC and FMC functions



I am quite new on this so please, forgive my trivial questions. 


I own a KC705 - Kintex 7 Evaluation Board and want to use it to drive a power converter. I just want to verify if my plan make sense, prior to acquiring new hardware. 


I need to sample 4 Analog inputs. The XADC header could comply with my requirements as far as I now (2 independent channels, 1Ms). Are there commercial boards with the needed multiplexers in the market, or should I build my own card? The AMS 101 evaluation board does not meet my requirements as it has just to external analog inputs. 


Finally I have to fire the converter with 6 DO signals. Which is the easiest way to do this? Perhaps using one of the FMC connectors. If this is the best solution, could the XM105 debug board be a good means to access some of the digital outputs? Are there better hardware solutions to plug into the FMC connectors?


Thanks in advance. 




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