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Participant abderrahim29
Registered: ‎02-06-2013

Zynq Write to DDR from PL



i'm trying to write data from a Custom-IP in the PL section of the Zynq to the DDR without using the ARM. The ARM should just give a "start command" but the main work should be done by the PL. After this the ARM should read the written data out of the DDR to control it.


I have already read the CTT-Guide, especially chapter 6 (http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/xilinx14_2/ug873-zynq-ctt.pdf). But in my point of view the main work / functionality is done by the ARM and is included in the c-code that appears in SDK.


And there is my problem. I don't want to use the ARM for this task and i'm sure that it is possible.


Therefore i created a Custom-IP with 1 AXI slave lite interface to get the "start command" from the processor and 1 AXI master interface that should write the data to the ddr. The slave port of my Custom-IP is connected to the M_AXI_GP0 port of the zynq through an AXI interconnect. The master port is connected to the S_AXI_HP0 port through another AXI interconnect.


I still integrated a VHDL-file to my Custom-IP that responds to the "start command" and generates some test data. But i really don't know how to write these data to the DDR now. I know the adress range from the DDR which correspond with the adress range of the S_AXI_HP0 port. Should i use the CDMA to connect my Custom-IP to the S_AXI_HP0 port instead of the AXI interconnect? It is essential for me to realize the data transfer in VHDL.


I hope that there is anybody who can help me. I'm looking for a solution since the beginning of this week and i have read so many files and scripts but i didn't find a solution until now.


Regards Abderrahim

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Scholar austin
Registered: ‎02-27-2008

Re: Zynq Write to DDR from PL

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Registered: ‎03-31-2014

Re: Zynq Write to DDR from PL

Hi, @abderrahim29


Did you find a solution for your problem?


I am trying to do a memory transfer that trasfers the memory content of DDR from one location to another, using PL.


From the Zynq IP block diagram, I understand that DDR controller is connected to AXI high speed ports of PL. I am not clear about how the connected AXI HP port to be driven in order to make the DDR transactions?


Can we do it using any IP , but PL only to do that, not PS.


Else, if I have to write custom RTL code to drive that AXI HP port, how to drive it? please help with any available documents/ suggestion.




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