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Latest SDAccel release adds 4 new hardware dev platforms, 4 new libraries, 6 new design services firms

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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The latest release of the Xilinx SDAccel development environment, 2015.1, boasts many enhancements to accelerate the development of OpenCL, C, and C++ applications. There’s been significant expansion along three other dimensions including the addition of four new hardware development platforms, four new SDAccel-optimized libraries, and the creation of a new design services ecosystem with six initial member companies.


The four new development platforms supported by SDAccel 2015.1 are the:



Xilinx UltraScale KCU105 Eval Kit.jpg


Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KCU105 Evaluation Kit




Micron Pico Computing SB-850 Single-Board Supercomputer.jpg




Micron Pico Computing SB-850 Single-board Supercomputer, which supports the Hybrid Memory Cube




Alpha Data PCIE-KU3.jpg


Alpha Data ADM-PCIE-KU3 board





4DSP CES820 COTS Compact Embedded System.jpg



4DSP CES820 COTS Compact Embedded System





The four new or updated SDAccel-optimized libraries are:


  • AuvizCV for OpenCV applications
  • AuvizLA for BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra) applications
  • AuvizDNN for Machine Learning DNN (deep neural network) applications
  • ArrayFire open-source Machine Learning and OpenCL library (formerly available only for GPU acceleration)


Finally, recognizing that some companies would like design help in developing FPGA-accelerated data-center applications in OpenCL, C, and C++, Xilinx has formed a global ecosystem of Xilinx Alliance Members offering relevant design services for SDAccel. The new design services members of the Xilinx Alliance include: