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Low-cost Zynq SoC and FPGA boards for Makers and Pro Makers

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Charles Murray, Senior Technical Editor of Electronics & Test at recently published a blog about the FPGA scene for Makers and Pro Makers. You’ve probably heard about Makers—they’ve got a whole magazine and a series of faires dedicated to them—but what’s a Pro Maker? “…professional engineers—graduates with master’s degrees and four or five years experience in industry,” said Mark Jensen as quoted in Murray’s blog. Jensen is the Corporate Software Strategy and Marketing Director at Xilinx. (He sits the next aisle over from my desk. Jensen continued in Murray’s blog: “They call themselves Pro Makers. And they see that they can use FPGAs to build programmable robots and drones, then get crowd source funding, and create their own grassroots businesses out of it.”


Ray Hsu, a section manager for academic programs at National Instruments, also weighed in: “Some of these projects use really complex non-linear control algorithms, so the developers have to use FPGAs to get the performance they need.”


A bit further in the article, Murray writes: “The maker community, which includes novice technicians building such devices as automated cat feeders and LED-based Halloween displays, traditionally steered clear of the technology. Now, however, that’s beginning to change, thanks to a proliferation of easier-to-use products that offer substantially lower costs.”


Murray then lists several boards based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC and low-cost Xilinx FPGAs including a few covered previously in Xcell Daily:



Krtkl Snickerdoodle. (See “$55 Zynq-based Wireless Snickerdoodle single-board computer with WiFi, Bluetooth launched today on CrowdSupply.”)





Zynq-based Snickerdoodle board from krtkl




Trenz Electronic ZynqBerry. (See “€99 ZynqBerry Dev Board from Trenz puts Zynq-7010 SoC into Raspberry Pi form factor. Available tomorrow.”)



Trenz ZynqBerry Dev Board.jpg


Zynq-based €99 TE0726 ZynqBerry Dev Board from Trenz




Digilent ARTY. (See “ARTY—the $99 Artix-7 FPGA Dev Board/Eval Kit with Arduino I/O and $3K worth of Vivado software. Wait, What????”)



ARTY Board v2.jpg



The ARTY Artix-7 FPGA Dev Board




Murray also mentioned a couple of boards not previously covered in Xcell Daily:



MYIR Tech Ltd. Z-turn.



MYIR Z-Turn Zynq Board.jpg


Zynq-based MYIR Tech Ltd.’s Z-turn




V3 Technology, Ltd. SNOWLeo.




V3 Technology Ltd SNOWLeo.jpg



Zynq-based V3 Technology SNOWLeo




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