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National Instruments to partner with TechShop with LabVIEW, training, and Zynq-based myRIO and VirtualBench hardware

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TechShop and National Instruments (NI) announced a partnership today that will bring NI’s LabVIEW GUI-based system-design software, training, and three hardware systems to the subscription-based, multi-site DIY workshop. Initially, the initial agreement includes two of the TechShop’s eight locations: San Francisco and Round Rock, Texas. The three NI hardware systems included in the agreement are: myRIO, myDAQ, and the just-announced VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument.


NI introduced the student-oriented myRIO hardware/software development platform last year at NI Week in Austin, Texas. It’s about the size of a paperback book and sports ten analog inputs, six analog outputs, left and right audio channels, 40 digital I/O lines (SPI, I2C, UARD, PWM, rotary encoder) and an on-board, 3-axis accelerometer, and two 34-pin expansion headers. Most of that functionality comes straight from the on-board Xilinx Zynq-7010 SoC. Here’s a photo:



 NI myRIO.jpg




NI introduced the VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument just this month. The NI VirtualBench packs the following instruments into a compact unit:


  • 2-channel, 100MHz digital sampling oscilloscope with 500M/1G samples/sec for 1/2 channels
  • 34-channel, 100MHz logic analyzer
  • 20MHz/125Msamples/sec sine/square/ramp/triangle/dc/arb signal generator (14-bit resolution)
  • 5½-digit DMM with Vdc, Vac, Idc, Iac, resistance, continuity, and diode measurements
  • 3-channel programmable power supply (0-6V @ 1A, 0-25V @ 0.5A, 0 to -25V @ 0.5A))
  • 8 channels of digital I/O (5V-compatible input, 3.3V output)


NI’s VirtualBench is based on a Xilinx Zynq-7020 SoC. Here’s a photo:




 NI VirtualBench.jpg




For more information about these Zynq-based NI products, see:


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