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New Video: Qualcomm sets sights on the cloud with Server SoC, dev platform; announces Xilinx and Mellanox as partners

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Normally, I would never steer you towards a press-announcement video but I’ve got one that you’re going to want to watch. At the end of this blog you’ll find a 38-minute video of last week’s press announcement, made in conjunction with newly announced partners Xilinx and Mellanox, unveiling Qualcomm’s 64-bit, ARM-based, many-core Server SoC. (See last week’s “Qualcomm and Xilinx Collaborate to Deliver Industry-Leading Heterogeneous Computing Solutions for Data Centers” for details.) The video includes a demo of Qualcomm’s working Server Development Platform.


Why should you watch this video? Primarily to see the new Qualcomm Server SoC in action. This SoC incorporates “more than” 24 processor cores based on the 64-bit ARM v8 instruction set architecture. Qualcomm developed the microarchitecture for this core and has instantiated “more than two dozen” of them in the Server SoC—with even more cores scheduled to be packed into the production version of the chip. How many more? Stay tuned.


Qualcomm developed this Server SoC and the accompanying Server Development Platform specifically to target growth opportunities in data centers. The company expects the server TAM for this market to be worth $15B by the year 2020 and Qualcomm believes that it has the chip and low-power design expertise and leading-node fabrication experience to allow it to win in this market. You’ll hear abundant details in the video below.


Targeted data-center workloads for the Qualcomm Server SoC and Server Development platform include:


  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud platforms as a Service
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)


One of the keys to making this all possible is the availability of a rich open-software ecosystem that already runs on the Qualcomm server hardware. Some of the software you’ll see running in the video demo below:



To help it achieve its ambitious goals, Qualcomm also announced foundational partnerships with Xilinx and Mellanox. For its part, Xilinx has also identified Cloud Computing and SDN/NFV as two of six high-growth, Megatrend markets. (The others are 5G Wireless, Video/Vision, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), and the Industrial IoT.) So what does Xilinx bring to this partnership with Qualcomm? According to Xilinx CEO Moshe Gavrielov, Qualcomm and Xilinx together will “deliver leading heterogeneous computing solutions” to these target markets.


Here’s the video: