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The 2017 PYNQ Hackathon: Pictures from a Competition. A Photo Essay.

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Over the past weekend, Xilinx held a Showcase and PYNQ Hackathon in its Summit Retreat Center in Longmont, Colorado. About 100 people from tech companies all over Colorado attended the Showcase and twelve teams—about 40 people including students from local universities and engineers from industry—competed in the Hackathon.


Here are a few images from the Xilinx Showcase and PYNQ Hackathon:




 Xilinx Longmont Summit Retreat Center.jpg


Xilinx Summit Retreat Center in Longmont, Colorado




Showcase 3.jpg


Xilinx CTO Ivo Bolsens welcomes everyone to the Xilinx Showcase




Showcase 1.jpg


Xilinx Showcase Attendees




Showcase 2.jpg 


More Xilinx Showcase Attendees




Dans Welcome to the Hackathon.jpg


Xilinx VP of Interactive Design Tools and Xilinx Longmont Site Manager Dan Gibbons Welcomes the Hackers to the PYNQ Hackathon




Pizza Dinner.jpg


Abo’s Pizza (Boulder’s Finest) for Friday Night Dinner




Handing out Pynqs.jpg


Handing out Digilent PYNQ-Z1 boards




Work Begins 1.jpg


The PYNQ Hackathon Work Begins




A little advice.jpg


Giving a little help to the participants




Work Begins 2.jpg


Focus, Focus, Focus




 Logictools Mini Lecture.jpg


A Mini Lecture about the PYNQ Logictools Overlay for Hackathon Attendees






 Catching some sleep.jpg


Getting a little shuteye




Longs Peak.jpg


A view of Longs Peak from the Xilinx Longmont Summit Retreat Center





The event was organized by an internal Xilinx team including:


  • Craig Abramson
  • Mindy Brooks
  • Derek Curd
  • Greg Daughtry
  • Brad Fross
  • Adrian Hernandez
  • Graham Schelle



In addition, a team of helpers was on hand over the 30-hour duration of the event to answer questions:


  • Kv Thanjavur Bhaaskar
  • Anurag Dubey
  • Vikhyat Goyal
  • David Gronlund
  • Dustin Richmond
  • Naveen Purushotham
  • Rock Qu



For more information about the PYNQ Hackathon, see “12 PYNQ Hackathon teams competed for 30 hours, inventing remote-controlled robots, image recognizers, and an air keyboard.”



For more information about the Python-based, open-source PYNQ development environment and the Zynq-based Digilent PYNQ-Z1 dev board, see “Python + Zynq = PYNQ, which runs on Digilent’s new $229 pink PYNQ-Z1 Python Productivity Package.”





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