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You do not know DO-254. Here’s how to fix that next month in LA

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Think you understand DO-254? Maybe you do. Maybe not. If you’re ducking DO-254 requirements using COTS, your free ride is about to end.


COTS hardware: You’re OK. Using COTS IP? Welcome to DO-254.


Are you working only on equipment for military aircraft (mission first)? Then you might know that DO-254 only applies to commercial aircraft (safety critical). But what if the military aircraft is used in civilian airspace for civilian missions? UAVs in particular are included in this gray area. Welcome to DO-254.


Do you think that SWCEH-001 only applies to software? You might want to check that assumption. “The escape routes are closing,” said Michelle Lang of Logicircuit at a Mentor Graphics IESF conference held earlier this year. Welcome to DO-254.


Enough? Get your fix at the FAA’s 2014 National Systems, Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware Conference, Sept. 23-25 at LAX. Logicircuit and Xilinx will be there to help you wrap your head around DO-254 certification’s finer points.


There’s no fee for the event but registration is required. Hurry because you must register no later than September 8 and attendance is limited to the first 375 registrants. (Sorry, I've just been told it's full.)


Meanwhile, here’s more than a taste—a great little intro to DO-254 video made by Michelle Lang at Mentor’s IESF: