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Zynq SoC and Sensor Fusion demo, live from X-fest San Jose

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Global Technical Marketing Engineer Dan Rozwood demonstrated his Zynq-based sensor fusion demo at last week’s one-day Avnet X-fest held in San Jose. The demo was inspired by the sort of sensing needed for an industrial plastics extruder. It combines data from at least nine sensor types:


  1. Analog and digital isolated inputs
  2. Remote current sensing
  3. RTD temperature sensor
  4. Ambient pressure transducer
  5. Quad thermocouple sensor
  6. Accelerometer to sense motor movements and bearing health
  7. Voltage monitor and power-consumption sensor
  8. MR (magneto resistive) sensor for monitoring motor movement
  9. Inductive sensor for monitoring motor movement


All of these sensors connect to appropriate interfaces in the Zynq SoC, which provides true parallel processing to ensure the time correlation among the sensor readings. As Rozwood says in the 8-minute video below, sensor fusion is about “putting three things in and getting four out.” By that, he means that the various sensor inputs can be combined to derive other measurements from the sensed parameters.


Here’s the video of this impressive demo:





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