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Registered: ‎01-08-2008

Board development to connect to FMC#1 on Spartan-3A DSP Video Starter Kit



We are developing a board to connect to Spartan-3A DSP Video Starter Kit. We have occupied the FMC#2 connector with the FMC Video Card, so we want to connect another board to FMC#1 connector.


As far as i know, on this connector are the pins of the ZBT and Flash memories, so we can't use this pins to connect to the other board (if I want to use these memories). This way, after having studied the schematic, I can see: 6 I/O free, 40 I/O occupied for memories (EMIF pins) and 22 I/O pins which appear to be occupied with names VPBE_xx and VPFE_xx but they are not connected to other components of the board.


Anyone could tell me if we can use these pins as generic I/O???

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