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Registered: ‎08-04-2012

Driving the Adafruit 5" 800x480 TFT panel with a Spartan-6 FPGA (Pipistrello LX45)

I have been playing with the 5" 800x480 TFT panel from Adafruit ( hooked up to a Pipistrello LX45 board (  The panel is basically driven as a VGA display but with 24-bit RGB data and timing for 800x480 instead of 640x480. It's should be quite trivial to modify any existing VGA HDL block to drive this display instead of a VGA monitor. I chose to drive it with a 40 MHz DOTCLK (~80 Hz frame rate) just because I had that available, but that can be reduced to 30 MHz for close to 60 Hz frame rate.

To simplify the hookup I used a "TFT Friend" board from Adafruit, it has a pump-up constant-current driver to drive the LED backlight of the panel, and a 3.3V regulator for the TFT panel. No other hardware (besides some jumper wires and a pin header) were used.  Since R0-R7 and B0-B7 are located in a row on one side of the TFT Friend board I simply connected those signals directly to Wing C using a pin header. G0-7 and VSYNC, HSYNC, DE and DOTCLK are on the other side of the board and were wired to Wing B using jumper wires.  The TFT Friend board is powered by 5V and provides 3.3V to the panel.





To test the panel I ported the Pipistrello DOOM code to drive the panel instead of a DVI monitor.




Video: doom_tft.MOV

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