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Registered: ‎11-14-2007

Help needed for xilinx virtex-II FF152 prototype platform board

i have this above stated board and i want to downlaod the bit file in DUT( device under test ) that is XC2V3000 FF1152AGT0413.
Here are problem and querries
on this board i have one service fpga and other one is DUT.service fpga i cant programmed only DUT is for configuration.
if any one of you guys have used this board then can you help me out as how to program this DUT. i want to ask how one can download file from xilinx ise impect to DUT using which interface. i know how to do it in xilinx impect, i just want to know which interface you guys are using, because in user guide it says we cant use (jtag interface service prom and fpga) interface as it is only for internal use.
other option is then (configuration port user prom and fpga).but this interface is only using MultiLinx cable or Parallel Cable III. i have only jtag cable. if i have to use this  interface then i have to take parallel cable III or multi linx cable or its also possible with jtag cable. i f yes then how.please help me out.
any ideas or suggestion are highly appreciated.
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

You do not want to erase/reprogram the contents of the service PROM.  It configures the service FPGA upon power-up which controls the configuration interface for the user FPGA.  If the service FPGA is doing it's job correctly you will see one bit in the LED's rotate when turning the config. mode knob.
If you want to use a cable to program the user FPGA, you would have to connect the applicable leads to the configuration port header.  You mention that you do not have a Xilinx cable, but do have a JTAG cable.  If the cable is similar to what was included in the original Spartan-3 kits, then iMPACT might recognize it as such and give you an interface to program from.  If not, you may have to look into a 3rd party programmer.  Other people have used XAPP058 as an embedded solution for configuration and that should work with your cable too. 
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