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Visitor shiromini96
Registered: ‎11-24-2017

How to calculate the required number of FPGA logic elements?

The purpose of my project is to control a 3 phase motor/generator. It will be controlled via FOC. Many sensors will be used to monitor the environment such as speed, currents (phase and DC), temperatures (motor and inverter), voltages (phase and DC) etc. These sensors will be connected to ADCs and then to the FPGA. FPGA shall receive and send signals to a GUI (PC). An example of a signal is send message about over speed, over current, over temperature and over voltage to the GUI. When any of these signals are detected, the FPGA shall send signal to shut down the generator or actuate clutch or open contactor or disable GCU (yet to be decided).


For a FPGA to be able to do all of the above and a bit more as the project progresses, how many logic elements, DSP slices, RAM etc should it have approximately?


I know the spec for when looking for a microcontroller which are 12pwm channels, 17ADCs, 2 SPI, 2CAN and several GPIO.  


Many thanks, 



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