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Registered: ‎07-22-2018

Missing steps in UG1209 Embedded Design Tutorial Design 2

Design 2 in Chap 6 of UG 1209 (page 153-158) describes a Mali OpenGLES application "tricube".

In this case there are NO instructions on how to include the rootfs on the SD card.Not even a reference to the Petalinux reference guide or anything.

Isn't this document supposed to stand on its own as an introduction to ZCU102 and describe all the gory details?

Just copying the image.ub and BOOT.bin to the SD card as instructed in the step "Load Linux and Running the OpenGLES Application on the Target and Viewing the Result on the Display Port" will NOT provide either Xorg or tricube since they are NOT in the minimal (initramfs) root filesystem.

The various forum posts for running the rootfs from a second partition on the SD card seem to be for older versions of Vivado/Petalinux (I am running version 2019.1) and none of those efforts were successful for me.

So can some kind soul describe a working process of getting this running on the ZCU102?

i.e. needed changes in petalinux-config, preparing and copying the needed files to the SD card, any necessary changes to the kernel command line and/or u-boot etc. ?

Thank you


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