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Visitor lts
Registered: ‎01-18-2014

Nexys 3 Board I/O connector for PWM output

Hello Everyone,


I am new to Nexys 3 FPGA board. I am usingt Nexys 3 to output 6 PWM signals to anther converter board.

The Freq of PWM is 2 MHz. I am wondering if  the PMOD connectors are good for 2MHZ pwm output? The RM says PMOD is not good for "high frequency (?MHz)". Do I have to use the VHDC? The size of VHDC is big for my converter board.


Thank you! 

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Advisor eilert
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: Nexys 3 Board I/O connector for PWM output


from todays point of view 2MHz can be considered as "nearly DC". :-)

(Be aware that such a signal carries frequencies up to 20 MHZ and more, because it's a rectangular signal)


However, long cables etc. can cause loads that are able to corrupt your signal.

And then there's noise and whatever else can cause trouble.


Depending on your assembly setup you might consider using special line drivers just behind the PMOD connector.

Using differential drivers and twisted pair cables can also be useful.


Just give it a try and have some oscilloscope at hand to check the signal integrity at the receiving circuit.


Have a nice synthesis


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