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Registered: ‎09-16-2007

Ok how do I change the MAC address for ML405 board



Ok I play with the software settings but if I change the MAC address I can only receive in broadcast mode.  How do you change this address so that it works on custom boards.  Figured if I can change it on a ML405 then I can change it on a custom board.  I have MAC address that I am supposed to uses but the software is giving me the middle finger.  Any ideas


In Software you type this which matches the board after

    macaddr[0] = 0x00;

    macaddr[1] = 0x0A;

    macaddr[2] = 0x35;

    macaddr[3] = 0x01;

    macaddr[4] = 0x8D;

    macaddr[5] = 0x60;

    xtemacif_setmac(0, (u8_t *)macaddr);


But why can’t I change it?



Custom board is using Marvell 88E1145 chip which is almost the same as the 88E1111 except it has 4 ports


When I used a national part I could make it anything ie 403.

Bill Tomb
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