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Registered: ‎01-31-2012

PROM access on Ml507



 I am looking for a way to load my elf file (too big to fit into BRAM) from PROM to DDR II on ML507 board. I could find lot of information under this link:


But unfortunately its for spartan FPGA and not for Virtex5 on ML507 board. Hence I would like to know if the same is feasible on an ML507 board? Will the same approach work, if the pins are remapped according to the schematics of ML507? Once difference I could find is that the FPGA Done singla is connected to the CPLD and hence it may not be possible to connect it to the PROM chip as described. If this is not feasible, can someone help me on how to load the an elf file from PROM to the external memory (DDR). 





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