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Registered: ‎03-20-2012

Platform Cable USB II, installation



I have the Platform Cable USB II, model DLC10, but I'm unable to install it.


I have installed two versions of the ISE, 10.1.03 and 12.2 (in Windows XP Profesional- Service Pack 2. I'm the administrator of this machine)
The enviroment variable is set to - XILINX c:\XILINX\10.1\ISE;
- Path: %XILINX%\bin\nt
I've followed the instructions in UG344, for 10.1 or later the driver for DLC10 is supposed to be installed, but it doesn't work.
I connect the Platform Cable USB II to the USB and follow the 'Found New Hardware wizard', but when it says 'This wizard helps you to install software for:' it shows 'USB Device' instead 'Xilinx Platform Cable USB Firmware Loader',
and then it doesn't find the necessary software ( I've tried to do it automatically and selecting a specific location)


Then I've followed the Step5 of document UG344, extracting the install_xusb.bat and xusbdrvr.inf in that directory (c:\XILINX\10.1\ISE\bin\nt). When I run the install_xusb.bat the final result is : install:completed successfully. But when I connect the cable again, the 'Found New Hardware wizard' doesn't find the driver.


Can anyone help me?





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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎12-17-2007

Instead of running the batch script, try opening a Windows command prompt window by itself (if on Windows Vista or Windows 7 be sure to choose "run as administrator"), then change directories to the Xilinx installation directory (in your case, choose the 12.2 location).


From there, go to $XILINX\bin\nt(64) depending on whether or not you have a 64-bit machine or a 32-bit machine.  From there, run "install_drivers.exe" directly.  Note that this must be done with the USB programming cable unplugged.  This will run a few commands and may take a few minutes to complete.


When it's done, plug your cable back in (preferably to a _different_ USB port) and let Windows re-detect the device and install the drivers.


A special note here is that if you have 64-bit Windows, you _must_ use the 64-bit iMPACT tool for programming.

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