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Registered: ‎06-04-2019

Read from SD Card not working for ZCU111


I am developing an signal processing application to load .txt files from SD card and store it in BRAM or DDR. The .txt files consists of complex IQ Samples. For a simple start, my txt file has only a string HelloWorld. I searched the internet and I found that we can use the exisiting Xilinx Xilffs library for this purpose in standalone application.

Firstly, I designed a block design with the ZCU111 Ultrascale+ MPSoC as shown below,


The SD Card settings inside the"Re-Customoze IP" as below,


Then I run the synthesis, implementation, then generated bitstream. I exported the hardware and launched the SDK. I added the existing SDK library Xilffs as the bsp,



I programmed the FPGA with the hw platform generated and run the "xilffs_polled_example" given in Vivado SDK and got error in Res = f_mount(&fatfs, Path, 1); When debug I found it fails in disk_initialise with status = FR_NOT_READY. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am new to this and it would be really great if someone can help me with this!

Board: ZCU111 Evaluation Board

Vivado: 2019.1

SD Card: Transcend SDHC

Bhavanithya Thiraviaraja
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