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Registered: ‎07-09-2013

Routing SPI and GPIO through EMIO ( ZC702 Evaluation Kit)

I am working on a Xilinx Zync zc702  Evaluation kit. I also use a FMC  XM105 debug card to be able to reach signals routed through EMIO.

My wish is to route the SPI peripheral signals (MOSI, MISO, CLK and SS) and also to have one GPIO reached via the FMC connector.

I tried to follow some online tutorials describing how to deal with PlanAhead but no success yet. (Selected EMIO in IO peripherals window in XPS, but can't find ports in ports tab)

I really still miss some concepts about routing through EMIO, there are many pins in the Zync package (484). How would I know on which pins will the routed signals be? I can't find this information anywhere. Can you please clarify this point?

Is there any tutorial that explains how to do such routing? If not can you please explain briefly the needed steps to do so.

Thanks in advance.
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Thanks for participating in forum.


Few links which should be helpful



2) ZYNQ TRM - Pg 49 onwards.


Much better post your query on EDK board to get detailed response.


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I am facing almost the same problem
I am working on a Xilinx Zync zc702 Evaluation kit. I also use a pmod/FMC to be able to reach SPI and GPIO signals routed through EMIO.

In xps window i added

axi spi interface and axi_gpio for this purpose.
in the port tab, i made SCK MISO MOSI and SS as external ports, but i am confuse what should i do with MISO_I,MISO_O,MISO_T and same for others. Same problem for GPIO.
Actually my problem is how i define that (say) MOSI external ports as output only .May be i am thinking in the wrong direction. Can anyone please clarify this point? or isany tutorial available? 

regards and thanks in advance

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