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Visitor rbss
Registered: ‎01-17-2017

VC709 Programming of the BPI flash, and booting from it.

I can't find enough information on how to do this, and I am failing to have the FPGA use a saved configuration on startup. With the SW11 switch, I have it assigned 00010, in order to use the lower address and set it into BPI mode.


The VC709 connectivity kit manual describes the flash as follows:


BPI parallel NOR flash memory (1 Gb)


while the schematic says:




In the hardware manager, I right click the xc7vx690t and select "Add Configuration Memory Device" and there is no PC28F00AG18FE. There is one named mt28gu01gaax1i-bpi-x16, which is the only one with and alias as well. I selected that one as it is named almost as the manual says. I select my .bin file, no .prm file (I don't know what it is), address range of "Configuration File Only" and none "RS Pins".


It then performs the erase operation, then program operation. I would like to believe it is now saved into the address relative to the upper bits "00".


Finally I push the PROG_B button, as I believe it is used to restart the device, the fans stop and I wait, and sees that my LEDs are not blinking as they are supposed to.I left it alone, after some minute the fan started again but LEDs were still off.


When I try "boot from configuration memory" from Vivado, the fan suddenly starts at 55%, I think it should be off all the time? I didn't work anyway as:


ERROR: [Labtools 27-2254] Booting from configuration memory device unsuccessful.
boot_hw_device: Time (s): cpu = 00:00:01 ; elapsed = 00:03:04 . Memory (MB): peak = 1425.207 ; gain = 0.000
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'boot_hw_device' failed due to earlier errors.


So, how far of from getting this to work am I if anyone would like to help and knows?




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Registered: ‎10-14-2015

Re: VC709 Programming of the BPI flash, and booting from it.

Hi @rbss,



Can you confirm if you have mode pins set for BPI configuration on board? i.e. DIP switch S11 set as '010'.

Please refer the below similar discussion:





Please check with other board if you have extra to rule out the Board damage.





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Visitor rbss
Registered: ‎01-17-2017

Re: VC709 Programming of the BPI flash, and booting from it.

Yeah, they are right according to the manual for the board, it shows a picture of the correct setting and I have set the DIP exactly like how the picture shows, i.e., only the fourth is '1'.

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Observer angu_sewa
Registered: ‎07-16-2017

Re: VC709 Programming of the BPI flash, and booting from it.

After programming the Flash Memory, Power cycle the board (Switch off and on again) and check whether the program is getting loaded from flash to FPGA. The LED indicator "Done" should glow and the fan starts. 

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-10-2012

Re: VC709 Programming of the BPI flash, and booting from it.

Hi @rbss


The answer to the issue seems to be there in your explaination itself,  while programming BPI flash on VC709 RS pins should be selected as A24-25 but looks like you have selected none.

Can you reprogram after correct RS selections and check ?


RS pins on the Board should be 00 I.e part of SW11  mapped to RS.


pulse Prog_b once you have reprogrammed the Flash.


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