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Newbie chienchun
Registered: ‎03-17-2008

What's new with the HW-USB-II-G Platform Cable?

Dear Sir:
Could you tell me what's new with the HW-USB-II-G Platform Cable?
Is there any improvement compared to HW-USB-G?
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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: What's new with the HW-USB-II-G Platform Cable?

I expect that the DLC9G either has been or will soon be obsoleted.  Comparing the data sheets (DS300 for the DLC9/DLC9G/DLC9LP, DS593 for the DLC10), the differences appear to be:

Color - black for DLC9, red for DLC10

Power - under 100 mA for DLC9G/DLC9LP, under 150 mA for DLC10 - this means that the DLC10 won't work as well from a bus-powered hub, but is fine with a self-powered hub

Internal logic - DLC9 contains a CPLD, DLC10 contains a Spartan-3A FPGA - DLC10 may be more "future-proof" and could potentially have higher performance for some operations

DLC10 has support for direct and indirect programming of SPI flash parts, and indirect for parallel flash.  It's not clear whether these features will work on DLC9 using newer version of Impact.

The other obvious difference is that the US price for the DLC9G is $199, while the DLC10 is $225.

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