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Registered: ‎07-09-2019

XADC temp_out is NULL!!


I am using nexys video and vivado 2018.2.

So I was connecting XADC to microblaze and I could monitor the temperature of the internal sensors. I used the wizard and configured the XADC as single channel with Axi4lite as the interface option. I wanted to read the values of temp_out into another module (customized) and I couldnt since no data was flowing out of temp_out. So I connected temp_out to the LEDs and OLED just to check whether It is storing data. But I didnt get any blinking LEDS nor Oled. When I try to connect channel_out to the LEDs they light up. How can I read out of temp_out? I need the data about the temperature for further hardware processing. Thank you.

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