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Registered: ‎06-21-2013

XM500 Connections required for the MTS demo design.

Hi all,


I recently received my ZCU111 development board with the associated XM500 connection loop board.  I am following the demo flow described at this URL, .   The SD image I am using is from the unzipped file, in particular the set in the directory rdf0476-zcu111-RFdc-eval-tool-2018-3/images/MTSDesign_8x8/rev-B

As far as I can tell the instructions posted at the URL mentioned above, do not  completely describe how the ADC and DAC tiles need to be configured.  For example the default power on configuration has the ADC tiles setup in IQ mode but the demo ADC channels display the tiles as configured in real mode.  There also appears to be no description of how the XM500 board needs to be setup in terms of the SMA connections and filters provided in the KIT.  This is concerning as I don't know if there is a risk of overloading a ADC input. 


I would therefore be grateful if someone would advise me of the complete configuration settings required for the GUI and the complete XM500 SMA connections required for the MTS demo.







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