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Registered: ‎10-14-2015

“Xilinx Boards and Kits Resources”


Hello Forum Visitors,


Xilinx Boards and Kits provide you with an out-of-the-box hardware platform to both speed up your development time and enhance your productivity.  Well-established platforms are mature and have reached a high level of quality.  Users do occasionally encounter issues or questions regarding usage, so Xilinx has put together this collection of available documentation.  Please reference the links below for the FAQ, Known Issues, Product Pages and Reference Designs:


Boards and Kits Solution Center:
(Xilinx Answer 43745) – Xilinx Boards and Kits Solution Center


Known Issues Answer Records:
(Xilinx Answer 43750) – Xilinx Boards and Kits Solution Center – Top Issues


Debug Checklists:
(Xilinx Answer 43748) – Xilinx Boards and Kits – Debug Assistant


Boards and Kits Product Page


If you cannot find your answer in the existing documentation, please always feel free to post your question on this Forum’s page.


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