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Newbie fastian99
Registered: ‎11-30-2017

ZCU 102 compatibility issue with TSW40RF8x FMC card



We are using Xilinx ZCU102 and would like to use Texas Instrument TSW40RF8x FMC card. However, at ZCU102 the pins at F10/11, F19/20 and K22 are not connected. These pins connects crucial signals in the JESD204B interface. Is there any solution to this issue? Can we use The above-mentioned FMC card with ZCU102?


Furthermore, Xilinx list DAC38J82EVM with the TSW14J10 and the ZC706 on the page https://www.xilinx.com/products/technology/high-speed-serial/jesd2014-reference-designs.html. The ZC706 also does not have the pins at F10/11, F19/20 and K22 connected. Does this imply that there is some sort of solution?



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Registered: ‎10-19-2011

Re: ZCU 102 compatibility issue with TSW40RF8x FMC card

FMC is just a spec that xilinx follows. You should check with TI to check and see if they have a list of supported boards. The ZCU102 is FMC compliant, and has the required pinout for the FMC spec. I am not familiar with the daughter card, but we have a list of tested FMC cards below. I do not see the one you listed. One thing to note about this list, these are only boards we have tested. Due to the nature of the FMC spec there are a lot of boards. This is not a conclusive list, but some we know to work.



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