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Registered: ‎06-28-2018

ZCU111 - Inability to generate a new MTS Bitstream

Hello everyone,

I'll go straight to our question.

We are using a ZCU111 Evaluation KIT and it is our goal to use the Multi-Tile Synchronized (MTS) design. We have downloaded the RF Toolkit from here:

From this, we have pulled all the necessary files to load our SD with the non-MTS, MTS and SSRIP bitstreams. We use the NomApplication (RF-DC Evaluation Kit) as provided by Xilinx to test the DAC and ADC tiles.

So: what is our issue? We would like to modify the MTS design (such as adding filters) and re-synthesize the new design into a new MTS bitstream. To do so, we have followed the MTS Readme.txt file that recommends using the provided "create_project.tcl" script to build the MTS project, modify it and generate its bitstream.

Now, the main issue is that the NomApplication refuses to accept any bitstreams that we have generated on our own. In the grand scheme of things, we have tried synthesizing two designs:

- An MTS design that contains custom logics (again, such as filters).

- The default MTS design without any type of modification.

However, whenever we take the generated .bit and place it onto the ZCU's SD, boot it, and try to swap to the MTS design, an error occurs (see attached file).

Now, one would guess that if that design has not been modified, the output of the synthesis ought to be a bitstream file that can be digested by the RF Tool. We understand that modifying the design could cause such problems. However, it should at least allow us to program the FPGA. Let it fail later. But we are even unable to program the PL of the ZCU111.

Any idea or help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.



PS: We would like to add, that we are able to generate and modify new non-MTS bitstreams without any issues.

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