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Registered: ‎11-17-2018

image_echo_test not running (getting stucked) on zybo


I am trying to run pre-built application image_echo_test on zybo using openamp.

I have followed all the steps as per UG1186 as well as edited the device tree and copied the BOOT.bin, image.ub, system.bit, zynq_fsbl.elf and system.dtb fles on BOOT partition on SD card.

The linux on SD card boots well.

But when I try to run the image_echo_test by giving "echo" command, it gets stucked at "Booting fw image image_echo_test"

Only the remoteproc driver is getting installed at startup, but not "virtio" driver. 

Not able to find out the step I am missing in the overall procedure.

Please guide me for the above problem. 

Attaching the error screenshot with this post

Screenshot 2019-01-25 18.25.18.png
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