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Visitor albinviju
Registered: ‎10-15-2007

problem on installing EDK

  i have xilinx ISE 9.2i and EDK 9.1i software. i installed both in my system in different location i.e for ISE(C:\program files\Xilinx ISE9.2i) and for EDK(C:\program files\EDK). i successfully installed both. but whenever i am trying to open EDK it shows "you doesnot point to xilinx ISE9.1i installation.. press any key to exit"
                 i cant solve this problem and also cant use the EDK softyware. if anyone know the solution for this pls help me..
with regards,
albin viju. 
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Registered: ‎08-30-2007

Re: problem on installing EDK


You can not use EDK 9.1 with ISE 9.2. You can only use ISE 9.1. The versions of the two programs must be the same.
You must wait for the EDK 9.2 which must be released this month or the next. The alternative is to downgrade your ISE to version 9.1.


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-13-2007

Re: problem on installing EDK

George is correct.
Here are the official respective version requirements for EDK:
If you do not have a 9.1i boxed set, you can login into Electronic Fulfillment Center:
You can send an email to Xilinx Customer Support (not Xilinx Technical Support, there is a correct link here once you login) and request access to ISE 9.1i and provide your ISE 9.2i product ID. Ask to be "entitled" to the older version because of EDK requirements. You should then receive download access to ISE 9.1i once this has been approved.
To answer a logical follow-on question, I can't speak to the planned release date of EDK 9.2.
I also generally recommend not installing the tools or projects into directories with spaces in the path - including "Program Files", a user profile or desktop locations. I don't know the current official stance of "spaces in the path" support, but historically this has caused issues because spaces are a separator between command line arguments (which is still important even if you are using the GUIs). I think this is handled better now, but I still try to avoid it.
== minor fix

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