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Registered: ‎08-08-2012

Coregen basics.

I would like to know how coregen files are used, specifically for block ram.

1. I generated a .coe file for block ram initialisation. Can I used relative paths for the .coe file location? If so where is it relative to?


Coregen creates a .mif file which it references in the .vhd file and used for simulation.

2. Is the .coe file used for syntheisis or is the .mif file (or neither is it encoded in the .ngc file)?

3. Can these files names be altered easily after core generation in the text output file or are they embedded in some binary file somewhere (ie can I manually edit them without running the Corgen tool again)? I noticed I cannot invoke Coregen if the initialisation file is moved, it doesn't even attempt to continue, it just starts a new core.


4. Is there a list of the generated files from Corgen with detailed descriptions of how they are used? (it would save me a lot of time).

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