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Do the IP Cores - Convolution Coder and Viterbi Decoder 6.1 support it?

Hi all,


I am studying 2 IP Cores to implement Trellis Coded Pulse Amplitude Modulation(TCPAM) in a G.SHDSL modem (G.991.2 - as the attached file), but at this time, I am rather confused whether I am able to do this with them, because as being shown in G.991.2 ( Convolutional encoder ), the Trellis code is quite strange (to me) with contraint length 20, (whereas convolution coder 6.1 the maximum is just 9), adding The binary coefficients ai and bi(Figure 6-3/G.991.2 – Block diagram of the convolutional encoder) that i have not yet found any way to configure with Convolution encoder 6.1


Any one can help me. I would appreciate it much. Thanks in advance

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