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Visitor lmanning_max
Registered: ‎11-21-2019

Xilinx IP Cores - Report Resource Estimates

Within Vivado 2018.3 when creating a Multiplier (12.0) IP Core (and other IP Cores) using the Customize IP wizard, there is an Information tab which gives Resource Estimates of LUT6s, DSP48 slices, and 18k BRAMs. We want to use the estimates to inform our design choices on whether or not a particular IP Core should be constructed using Mults or LUTs and Speed or Area Optimized.

Is there a way to extract those Resource Estimate values without using the GUI and without generating/synthesizing the IP Cores? i.e. by using a tcl command/script, or is there an equation that Xilinx can provide for those IP Cores?

For example, using tcl I can pass arguments into Vivado 2018.3 to create a Multiplier (12.0) IP Core, but I can't seem to find a way to report the Resource Estimates. I would expect to see LUT6s = 0, DSP48 slices = 4, and 18k BRAMS = 0 for the following:

create_ip -name mult_gen -vendor xilinx.com -library ip -version 12.0 -module_name mult_gen_0
set_property -dict [list CONFIG.PortAWidth {32} CONFIG.PortBWidth {32} CONFIG.Multiplier_Construction {Use_Mults} CONFIG.OutputWidthHigh {63}] [get_ips mult_gen_0]
generate_target {instantiation_template} [get_files /home/test_project/test_project.srcs/sources_1/ip/mult_gen_0/mult_gen_0.xci]

I'm hoping for a simple solution as I don't want to keep a spreadsheet of every possible output by manually trying every combination of input for all IP Cores.

Many thanks,


EDIT: We don't want to use the GUI as we're using a proprietary HLS tool to generate the VHDL and instantiate the IP Cores for us. If I was only using <10 instances of this Core I would add up the Resource Estimates manually, but our current design uses >7000 (120%) DSP slices on Speed Optimised settings. Hence why we would like to create a "design estimate" using the Resource Estimates from each IP Core. So we can make an informed decision, and determine the tradeoffs from different optimisation settings without running generate/synthesis.

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Teacher drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Xilinx IP Cores - Report Resource Estimates

what would validate_ip with the -verbose option give you ?
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Visitor lmanning_max
Registered: ‎11-21-2019

Re: Xilinx IP Cores - Report Resource Estimates

Thank you for your response!

validate_ip -verbose mult_gen_1

returned the following:

INFO: [Ipptcl 7-518] Validation successful for mult_gen_1

Nothing specific, unless I did something wrong?

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