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Does Your Memory Stack Up? Xilinx Adds 16 GB High-Bandwidth Memory FPGAs

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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When you think of processing performance, storage is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you’re handling massive amounts of large data sets, bandwidth at every step will impact how quickly and efficiently you can get the job done. For workloads like AI applications, 8K video processing, medical imaging, blockchain, and automotive solutions, having performance with heavy bandwidth means the difference between having a really nice Super Soaker and a fire hose.

This is why we developed our family of Virtex UltraScale+ HBM FPGAs with 4 GB and 8 GB versions. Using advanced silicon stacking technology, we placed high-bandwidth memory (HBM) DRAM with FPGA logic tightly coupled together in one package, significantly reducing latency and power consumption for dramatic performance improvements. But some data-intensive workloads, such as security processing, big data analytics, database acceleration, and video transcoding require even more HBM capacity to help drive better performance.

Enter the new 16 GB Virtex UltraScale+ HBM FPGA, doubling up the max available HBM capacity (HBM Gen2) for 20X more bandwidth than traditional standalone DDRs at 75 percent less power. For enterprise IT security pros, this means unlocking data-intensive next-generation firewalls that protect against malware, viruses, and unwanted applications in a network—all in a single solution. For organizations running big data applications, it means providing faster queries on-chip to select, extract, view and analyze corporate data and deliver insights on trends and issues for executive decision making sooner. And, for video transcoding of complex graphics data for research and security institutions, it means being able to run complex algorithms across massive data sets in an instant to accelerate systems, whether they’re analyzing weather, geographic imagery or identifying potential risks to public safety and national security.


For customers in these industries, we’re happy to say that the new 16 GB HBM version is sampling now, with volume production slated for fall of this year. Together with our existing 4 GB and 8 GB HBM products currently in production, we’re proud to offer the industry’s broadest family of HBM-enabled FPGAs. Come check out the latest Xilinx technologies at XDF Americas in San Jose, California on October 1-2. Register to secure your spot at