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KMW Selects Xilinx as its Exclusive RFSoC and MPSoC Supplier for 4G & 5G Base Station Radio Solutions

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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KMW Inc. a leading communications specialist, recently selected Xilinx as a strategic partner and silicon supplier for its base station radio equipment business. As an integral part of modern radio equipment for mobile base stations, Xilinx’s RFSoC and MPSoC solutions are field-proven, delivering the low power, efficiency, and versatility that KMW needs for its radio platforms.

Xilinx’s family of RFSoCs are an integral part of KMW’s 4G and 5G base stationsXilinx’s family of RFSoCs are an integral part of KMW’s 4G and 5G base stations

KMW’s line of radio products, including massive MIMO radio for 5G base stations, is based on innovative architectures that provide superior performance and value that satisfies or even surpasses market requirements for size and weight. By leveraging Xilinx’s RFSoC and MPSoC, KMW has been able to take advantage of a highly adaptable and scalable platform to deliver optimized and efficient radios. In addition to Xilinx’s silicon technology, KMW has been able to leverage Xilinx’s Digital RF IP including CFR and DPD to greatly improve the KMW RF power amplifier efficiency which is the biggest driver of the radio size and weight.

“Our KMW design team worked closely with Xilinx to develop our base station solutions and allow greater choice for customers to deliver innovation and new services for 5G networks,” said Michael Shim, SVP of R&D, System Business Division at KMW. “The combination of Xilinx RFSoC and MPSoC solutions with our leading radio platforms will provide a solid Telco foundation for our 5G-enabled world.”

“Xilinx is proud to deliver our leading RFSoC and MPSoC platforms as well as DPD IP for our ongoing collaboration with KMW for critical 5G RRU deployments,” said Dan Mansur, vice president of marketing, Wired and Wireless Group, Xilinx. “Our deep engagement with KMW underscores our commitment toward enabling KMW to offer world-class radios that will serve the fast-growing 5G market.” 

KMW plans to adopt Xilinx’s technology and solution for all of its future radio platforms and products. KMW is a leader in radio technology for modern mobile base stations, supplying leading-edge radio system equipment, components, and antennas for global customers including most major network system vendors and mobile operators.