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Xilinx and NTT Disruption Collaborate on Smart Hospital Solution for Virtual Patient Observation

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Technological innovations and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. To accelerate this trend, we’ve collaborated with NTT Disruption to develop an innovative Virtual Patient Observation (VPO) solution that detects and predicts patient actions and movements that could result in high-risk situations and automatically alerts doctors or nurses. The smart hospital solution is designed to improve the quality of patient care and overall experience while also making healthcare practitioners’ daily work easier and more efficient.


Built on our Alveo accelerator platform, Virtual Patient Observation is a personalized and highly effective patient care solution that enables 24/7 real-time patient monitoring. VPOs detect the occurrence of critical events that have an impact on patient safety, such as falling out of bed or extubating (removing IV lines). When these events are detected, the system automatically sends an alert in real-time to healthcare practitioners so they can attend to the issue before it becomes critical. VPO is making patient care safer and more efficient. VPO can also monitor responding nurses so they can request assistance when attending to a patient. The system can be easily scaled to enable nurses to maintain real-time responses, even if the number of events increases.

 “NTT Disruption started working with Xilinx to develop VPO, a completely non-intrusive solution requiring no additional accessory for the patient or the hospital staff,” explained Fernando Apezteguía, Head of Health at NTT Disruption. “VPO serves as a milestone to transform healthcare institutions into smart hospitals aimed at making peoples’ lives better and safer.”

The VPO system uses a combination of accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning inference to process and cross-check pre-defined patient behaviors in real-time on a video stream. The system leverages our Vitis unified software platform and Vitis accelerated libraries with the Alveo platform to efficiently process event detection ML inference models in real-time on multiple video streams received from cameras throughout the hospital. VPOs never store video footage for compliance with privacy regulations. 

The VPO solution is currently being tested, in collaboration with everis Brazil, at the Heart Institute InCor University of São Paulo Medical School, a world-recognized center of academic and clinical excellence in cardio pneumology. The VPO systems are being deployed in the hospital’s Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Together with NTT Disruption, everis Brazil, and InCor, we’re helping to shape the future of healthcare by making patient care safer and more efficient. Thanks to VPO technology, patients are never left unattended.

Watch the Virtual Patient Observation video:

To learn more about implementing this solution with our partner NTT Disruption please visit,

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee

This is a great collaboration, nice to see the progress!